Taking the help of Passbook for Checking EPF Status

It has been on the count that the EPFO has been on the spotlight for years. Well, with the help of the passbook which you have for your needs, you can easily get on the go with the EPFO. With the EPF Status in your hand you can easily download the passbook from the official website and then going for it. These are the immense endeavors, and we ought to value it. A few years back EPFO was moderate to receive the innovation, yet now it is getting up to speed. After a few computerized activities, now EPFO has diverse strategies to check the EPF balance online equalization. You can utilize any of these techniques to monitor your retirement sparing.

Before UAN gateway, the part entry was the best approach to download the PF passbook. If you need to download the PF passbook and get PF status just need to go to the online portal and then get it done. The part entry is less demanding to work. It is still valuable in specific circumstances.


Step 1:

If you have overlooked the UAN secret key or couldn’t login into the UAN entry, the part entryway can be valuable.

Step 2:

The part gateway does not require any additional data for passbook download. Just you require the PF number.

Step 3:

To check the PF parity through the Member gateway you have to enroll with it. Enrollment is basic and requires the point of interest of any KYC archive.

Step 4:

This entrance does not require secret word to login. The KYC record number and versatile number is sufficient to login.


Step 5:

After the login, you can download the PF passbook in the wake of giving PF number. A onetime secret word would be sent to your versatile number for verification.

As mentioned above go here there are a lot of things which may help you in tracking down the EPF Status for your needs. All that you have to do is to download the EPF status passbook wisely from the online portal and then share your details to track it. Indeed there are a lot of things which will help you to track the EPF Status.




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