INTERNET MODEMS: A Boon for Internet users

Internet Modems

Internet Modems

The full form of modem is a combination of two words ‘MODULATOR’ and ‘DEMODULATION’. Modem is a device or program that converts digital information into analog by modulating it on the sending end and Demodulating the analog information into digital information at the receiving end. Analog signal is a continuous signal that represents physical measurements denoted by sine waves.  This may be a bumper for some..! Let’s make this simple.

Modem is a device that helps you to communicate over telephone wires or cable wires. The router is an instrument which connects various electrical devices with a common existed Internet network. The router links with the modem using Wi-Fi extender to send message to the Internet connection provider which is obtained via public IP address in order to get an Internet connection.

The modem is primarily used for transferring data from one computer to another in the form of email, fax etc. The modulation is the process of converting digital signal into analog signal for the sending end and thereby demodulation is converting analog mode into digital mode at the receivers end. This process is termed as ‘Digitization’.

Internet Modems

The voice band modems are probably preferred more in comparison with the cable modems. The voice band modems communicate over telephonic channels with the help of human voices. These bands are established as circuit boards inside the computer and fax machines. With advancements, voice band modems come in the form of small card sized units that can be easily affixed into your computers or laptops. While the cables communicate through fiber-coaxial channels which are designed to provide T.V services.


There are three types of modes:

  1. Dial-up- They are the oldest form of modem. It uses your phone line to connect to your internet service provider. The demerits are that you won’t be able to access your Internet connection while you are on the phone. It is slower and will make you feel irritated with its continuous buffering.
  2. DSL- ‘Digital subscriber line’ connects you with an external modem or installed modem in the computer that will use your phone line and will provide you with internet access even while you are on the phone.
  3. Cable- It uses the coaxial cable for communication. They are located at the back of your modem or wall or cable box. The modem is the most preferred one as it provides high speed Internet connection.

The modem is the only device that brings you close with your Internet connection and enriches you with high speed so that you don’t miss out your favorite online web series, chatting with your besties, posting your photos on instagram and your gaming sessions.


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